Octavia vRS (TFSI)


Cph, Denmark
Skoda Octavia RS
Hi guys,

I've got an Octavia vRS (petrol) from '08 which I've just had remapped to 240 bhp (meassured on front wheels) and new Brembo breakes fitted.

I would now like to upgrade the intercooler, exhaust, downpipe, airfilter etc. I can understand that brands suchs as "Supersprint" are the one to go for, however, their products dont exactly come cheap... My real question, I guess :amuse:, is, what is deemed as "best value for money" on the upgrades I'm looking for....?

However, I don't want to turn my lovely family car into a boy racer and I want to keep it as neutral and original as possible! In other words, I dont want hissing or blow noises at gearchange or the sound of half a fighterjet when revving... :)

Let me know what ideas or experiences you've got, as I am in dire need before I make some rookie mistakes... Cheers!!:lol:
Greetings and a Warm Welcome to our TorqueCars Forum my Friend!

Good to have you along with us :)

There is no hard and fast set rules with regards to spending money on performance parts, just spend what you can comfortably afford to. Look at the parts you wish to buy then see if there are any reviews on them from other buyers - before you buy anything.

As you say, "I dont want hissing or blow noises at gearchange or the sound of half a fighterjet when revving" then don't change the air filter to an open cone version.

Remember also, that you will have to remap the car again after the additional hardware; intercooler, exhaust, downpipe and airfilter has been fitted.
Hello T9 man,

See, already I´m about to cock things up... :)

Why would I need to remap the engine after I fit my upgrades... (apologies if its a daft question, but one have to start somewhere to get to grasp with this maze of tuning) :)
It's not a daft question in the slightest ;)

The additional hardware that you are thinking of installing, will need to be taken into account with the remap. This is because the fuelling, the amount of additional air being brought into the engine and the possible fast exit of exhaust gases from the engine need to be factored into the remap for a performance gain. So by jumping the gun and getting the car remapped before you got the additional hardware fitted has just wasted your hard earned money I'm afraid ;)

Don't worry about it too much buddy, I made loads of mistakes when I first started out, this is a great place to be for help and guidance which is exactly why I joined :)

Didn't even start properly, and I've cocked it up!! Thanks for making me weep at my office desk...

Don't worry about it mate I did the same thing I had mine mapped then when I got used to the power I upgraded a few bits then took it back to get a custom map to take into account my upgrades. The thing is if you take it back to the same place where you had it mapped for the custom map they usually give you a discount iirc I got a discount of £300
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