octain booster in bulk??


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hi, does anyone know where i can get octain booster in bulk? its raping my wallet lol
Find out what the active ingredient is in the octane booster and buy that. It will usually be a mix of the stuff you find in petrol anyway like Ethanol etc (most of the petrol components that contain oxygen will act to boost octane - so get your chemistry book out!). Bear in mind most of these are pretty nasty chemicals to be using on their own.

Do you find it is cheaper than buying premium fuel? It works out at £20 per litre usually in the little bottles - and you thought petrol was expensive.
trying to get membership to costcos a pain in the 1st place. but ive never seen it there then again ive only been in the ones in glasgow and edinburgh
Toluene will raise fuel octane. As will acetone (See Waynne's thread from some time ago).
I'm told that blended with ATF (auto transmission fluid) it makes an excellent cleaner/octane booster
cheers for the feed back, ill go try the one in bootle, 30 kwid for a cards gota b worth the savings, and i was advised to use the highest octain fuel, then add an octain booster because im running silly compression! it used to cost just short of £40 to fill er up now it costs nearly 70!!!
CAREFUL THERE! Measuring octane is a real science. Wouldn't water injection be the answer for you? (And a lot cheaper in the long run!)
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