now driving a Rover 200


hey every1 im gary. im 17 and just passed my test :D :twisted: now driving a Rover 200. luv it 8) but does any1 know of any cheap but good performance upgrades that would make her sing a bit sweeter?
I had a 220! What engine have you got fitted and how much time and money are you willing to invest?
if you want it 2 sing more, put cherry bombs all the way thru with a decat and a forced air induction. ive been told mine sounds like a drift car. i found sum good spark plugs and ht leads work a treat (bout £60 for the leads), eco tech power valve (not sure it does much tho, does for fuel consumpstion tho). ive been told the fuel pressure gauge thing works good but im not doing any more to mine as i got the 2.0 going in :D:D so cant tell you if it works much lol
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