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Golf GTI 2.0
Ello folks,

I am Noobie, yes I am a newbie! I have recently bought a completely unmolested m4 golf gti 2.0 115bhp. It is certianly a step up from my previous car (ford fiesta zetec climate) power wise.

I have a few friends on the moding and tuning scene and I was wondering if anyone has any advice or ideas on where to start in improving the handling and power or should I just preserve the car as it is???

Looking forward to hearing from you lot!!

Peace out xxx
i dont mean to sound harsh, but the power to weight in your car is 96bhp per tonne.

its a big ass heavy underpowered car. its probably not worth spending too much money on tuning as it will never be all that fast.

really dont mean to rain on your parade, just giving you the facts!

handling wise, uprated Anti roll bars, strut braces, lower it on koni shocks and apex springs. if you can make it handle and stop well, then you can drive it faster, making it quicker point to point. :)
Sweet man cheers for that, I just go with what the V5 tells me :P

Handling is more what im looking into just now since I drive alot of country roads and I fancy getting the best out of them.

More power will just means I'll wrap it around a tree quicker....Jokes!

Thanks for the Advice :D
as said its a fat car. if you want the challange you could always swap in the 1.8 from the S3/Curpa/TT and add around 100bhp. AMK or BAM engines are the ones you want

rear anti roll bar is supposed to be the biggest handling mod you can do to improve understeer.
better braking - see if you can get the hub carriers of the PD diesels or the 1.8t. the 2.0 hub carriers have the 280mm disc, by fitting the other carries and callipers you get the 288mm discs as standard (unless its off the anniversary golf, cupra, TT, skoda oct vrs who get the 312mm) add the bigger calliper carriers from the inbracket cars and fit the 312mm discs. 288mm and 312mm use the same calliper. unfortunately the FSIII calliper on yours wont fit.
dont get me wrong, your car IS 115bhp, but its the power to weight ratio that matters, not the bhp.

as for brakes, im not sure any of that is necessary unless swapping the engine.
i had the pleasure(?) of driving a mk4 for about 5months, and i used to push it to its limits daily, and i never found that the car outperformed its brakes.
personally for a stock mk4 gti id just go for uprated discs and pads, possibly fit braided lines too. 288mm brakes make a massive difference if your jumping from 239mm(mk1/2) but from 280mm id spend the cash elsewhere.

1.8T into yours is about as easy a conversion as they come, just make sure the ecu/immobiliser/key/transponder are all correct and matching.
Quality guys, I'm gonna have a look into this stuff and I'll be back with a set of plans and a crackin' Christmas list!!

I'll keep you posted, thanks again!

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