no interior lights


i have an A4 on a 51 plate, all lights work exept the interior lights. i have checked the fuses and they are ok... any ideas anyone what could be wrong............. all help welcome....... many thanks:confused:
do they work if you switch them on all the time rather than the doors?
may be a damaged wire or even just a loose connection

now for the stupidest question today. have you changed bulbs?
no they dont work if switched on all the time or on the door switches...... and i have checked and changed the bulbs........ is there a relay for the interior lights?
ok had a look at the wiring diagram for the bora ( vag cars are going to be very similar to save on money mainly it will just be cosmetic between manufactures)

does your central locking leccy windows and mirrors still work ?

from the wiring diagram its supplied off fuse 14, a micro 10 amp. there are no direct relays for the interior lights however the 2 lives ( 1 for lights on all times and the other connected to the door switch ) come off the central locking control unit. which does have 2 additional fuses, numbers 111 and 114 both 15amp, which are on the relay plate. if fuse 14 is fine ( i know youve said youve checked ) then chances are it could be one of these fuses that may be the problem. you will need to remove the lower dash under the steering column to access the relay plate which will be around the main fuse box its underneath the actual fuse box in the bora. 3 t20 torx screws removes the dash pull out and youll see the relays sitting fuses should be close by. if it is the same your looking for

1 red / black and 1 red connected to 114
1 red / yellow and 1 red connected to 111

hope this all makes sense had to rewite some of it. as i got lost reading it back
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I'd put a volt meter in the fuse box and see if there is current running, it sounds like a loose contact to me or a bad earth. PG has raised some interesting points to check.

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Hi Did you find out the problem as i took delivery of my 2002 A4 last week and i have the same problem they were in the fuse box when i took it out on a test drive.
Out of interest is there a pcb in the back of the light fitting? Some cars have this as part of the delay when closing the doors etc. I had a problem with an older car and found a blown component.
Ive had a look and the fuse isnt even in, Put one in this morning and it blew straight away so its going back to Audi for investigation. (Just hope this is not the start of more problems).
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