Nissan Skyline R32 GTR vs Toyota Supra

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For drag racing i'd take an R32 anytime. There are more parts and the Supras are getting old and a bit neglected now.
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But the R32 is at least 5 years older than the Supra although I do agree the R32 would be my choice as well, it's quite a step up as well from a Hyundai Coupe to either of the choices mentioned. If you went for the SKyline would you be after a GTS or a GTR?
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An easy decision ( but then I do have a 32GTR)

Seriously if you want to go round corners its a no contest 32 every time .

I dont think the age of the car is relevant in this choice - Although older the 32gtr was ahead of its time neither can be classed as modern .

Both engines are easily tuned although the supra will take more power as the stock bottom end is pretty unburstable as long as you get a twin turbo supra ,

Im pretty much up on GTRs and If you decide on one you need to be prepared to see a quite a few cars and travel a bit to get a good one . An awful lot of prople buy a "cheap" GTR and two months later sell it cos its costing them a fortune . If its had a fair few owners in the last year treat it will real suspicion

There are always quite a few for sale but buy a good one with history and no rust . Unfortunately one like this wont be cheap . There as lots for sale £5-6K but an awful lot of these will be money pits. Whatever you do dont buy one with faults they are very expensive to fix .
Either way either will be a serious upgrade if you drive a hyundai 1.6 as most 32GTRs are running at least 350bhp
In fact even a standadrd 32GTR will take some getting used to.

Thats not to say its not a good idea but dont buy cheap and expect trouble free motoring. That is unless you get really lucky .
Assuming you're comparing R32 GTR to a twin turbo Supra then I would probably go with the a Supra. There's just something about them I really like. The Supra is also a little newer so you shouldn't struggle as much to find a good example.

Have you considered an R33?

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