Nissan Qashqai 2011 steering issue


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My brother in law has a qashqai and while driving in a straight line it appears to start pulling left or right for no reason, this is not under breaking or any sort of cornering almost feels like it’s self driving lol.

It’s not a sticky brake calliper and a lot of other suspension parts have already been replaced.

Steering fluid appears fine so could this be the rack failing and fluid bleeding past the rams despite its dry and not leaking?
This seems to be quite a common fault, some suggest replacing the wishbone, but I reckon it's to do with the design of the suspension itself. A little toe in usually increases straight-line stability so perhaps it's set too much towards out.
Ok thanks I'll speak to him over the weekend, I know he's had a fair amount of work already done but will mention wishbones. Its just such a strange feeling and the fact it pulls both ways I automatically thought rack.
Quite a few people are complaining about this issue, which leads me to conclude it is a design issue.

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