Nissan almera 1.6 Turbo

Hello and welcome to Torque Cars :) We are frequently asked about turbocharging naturally aspirated engines. Unfortunately it's a pretty big process, you can't simply bolt on a turbocharger. You will need to make internal modifications as well; at the very least shallower pistons in order to reduce the compression ratio. There isn't really such a thing as a turbo 'kit'.

Of course, anything is possible if you have the funds to do so. However, it's going to be cheaper to buy a stock car with the power you want as standard. One other thing you could do is fit the SR20DE (naturally fed) or SR20DET (turbo fed) from other models in the Nissan range. These should go straight into the Almera in place of the GA16 unit (IIRC) you have currently.
Might be worth re-posting this elsewhere on Torque Cars - styling isn't really the best place to get responses to this particular question. There are people out there with far greater knowledge of Nissan engines than I have. It's a friendly place, you won't get flamed here :)
To raise the compression ration, I can buy a longer pinions to push the piston higher right?

NO WRONG one as a general rule needs to lower the CR with a set of lower static compression ratio FORGED pistons and FORGED conrods as adding a turbo forces more air into the motor which in turn makes for higher cylinder pressures that in turn requires stronger internals for a long life.

The better way IMO is to trade your car in for one that is turboed from the factory.

IF you must keep the car then I would research fitting the complete motor and transmission from a turbo Nissan Juke.

IF a SR20 is doable then the best motor is a turbo-ed it has a far better rocker arrangement than the early SR's which had a tendency to throw the forked =Y shaped rocker arms when revved hard if everything was not spot on and fitting RAS to prevent this can result in even more damage to the top end.
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Just another thought :) IF you proceed with a motor upgrade then FWIW and IMO the best way is to buy a front cut so you can have everything needed like
- complete motor and transmission
-stronger drive shafts and brakes
- wiring loom with all the sensors
- factory computer/EMS
- all the sundry fittings mounts,brackets,clips etc

Lastly you must inform the relevant authorities and have everything approved otherwise in the event of a crash you may not be covered by any insurances and end up in serious trouble/debt.

Obviously the best course of action is to get all the proposed mods approved IN WRITING BEFORE YOU START from the local transport authority and your insurer.

PS over here we have to get certain mods approved by an engineer and a mod plate attached to the vehicle.
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