Nissan A15 turbo Draw/blowthrough vs. Efi


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Hi Guys,
Im trying to measure up the pro's & con's of blowtrough turbo vs Fuel injected turbo on my A15 Nissan stroker. It seems that the blow/draw through setup is easier to do but very difficult to tune and sort because of lean/rich mixtures and getting jet sizes sorted as leaning out on a turbo at strong boost is detrimental to the engine.

The electronic fuel injected route is a bit more costly but I hear that it is a whole lot less troublesome and actually more fun to drive. Actually come to think of it, Its a management system that monitors your settings once setup correctly.

Ive heard of floats collapsing in the blowthrough carburettors and logically I do not think that a carburettor will last long in such a pressurised environment. Drawthrough turbo is problematic for me personally as I prefer not to push the air/fuel mixture through the turbo.

Ive been a serious Normally Aspirated hands on tuner on these A series datsun/nissan engines but would really enjoy the challenge of doing my own turbo set up. I covered the basics as to balancing the internals and getting stronger connecting rods, matching ports and getting the compression to about 8.4:1 planning boost figures of around 10 - 12 psi. Some pointers would be greatly appreciated. Like how to determine the size of the plenum, or advantages of different plenum sizes as some okes swear by a small one and some okes go big. Camshafts for turbo setups ??

I would much rather spend more money and time upfront and enjoy the benefits of a well set up engine. The little nissan is purely a toy and not my daily drive so time is not an issue. and not having to rush the project makes it possible to perhaps save up a month or two to buy the better end of the spectrum products. And perhaps a decent addition of nitrous a bit later.

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the a15 engines have been turbod with great success.

Plenum size will depend on the engine tune and on the capacity (you did say it was a stroker ?)

Electronic fuel management will always be better if you can fit it . It is much harder to fit but easier to map and with a decent ecu you can get very good results.

Main problem with turboing an na engine is heat - turbos run very hot. Metal headgasket is a must and different cams will give much better results.