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What cars do you think have the nicest interiors?

Some makes seem quite bland and clinical, others are quite modern and innovative.

Personally I quite like the space age look of Honda interiors, Audi always seem to build a luxury feel into their interiors but companies like Ford and BMW have something missing IMO when it comes to the interior finish.

What are your thoughts on car interiors? Which ones do you like/hate?
I've found Range Rovers to be very cosy... But there isn't much space. Kind of defeats the purpose of a large 4x4.

My MG's interior is alright actually. Its well made and doesn't look as cheap as it feels.
Without doubt the 60s MkII jag

They has more polished wood ( as in proper wood ) than pretty much any car Ive seen and half a herd of cow as well to sit on

It isnt untill you see a fully restored interior that you realise just how amazing they are
im a fan of audi interiors always look good and are of a good quality

most jap cars ive owned tend to be a lot of plastic and not the greatest
I can't complain about the 75's interior it's actually a nice and comfortable place to be!
My own Saab 9-3 interior is ok, but I was looking at a Rolls Royce Phantom this morning - it looked gorgeous ;)
Always loved the Matra Murena interior. Plush!

Nice, reminds me of my old custom car days were draylon was the preferred choice of covering for seats and head linings.
I had a Renault 25 Monaco, The interior was designed by designer Marcello Gandini (of Lamborghini fame) so something very different, Also I guess a whole herd of cows were slaughtered to supply the amount of leather in that car, Nicer interior than every other luxury car I have owned, check them out

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