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Freddie said:
What kind of 'older' cars are you into? How serious are you planning on taking it?

I'm thinking about some VW Corrado, or Fiat Coupe some Turbo model, maybe but just maybe some Japanese car if I find in good condition
Grozni - welcome to Torquecars. Any older Turbo car is very tunable. It's worth looking at the Older Starion - V.Quick and exclusive. I'll have a think about any other cars worth considering. The Corrado Badge is coming back so classic values may well start to climb!
newly joined

hi guys!
I'm adib from Iran. I got my driving licence just two month ago and I don't have any car, but I like to learn more about cars and their performance. Actually I want to know more about engins with fuel injection system.
thank you all
Hi Adib - welcome to torquecars - nice to have you on board. What are the hot cars in your country? What do you think your first car will be.
Hi I'm redcom - I'm lucky enough to drive a 1400cc Corsa ...wait for it... automatic!!!

Before you all come round my house and lynch me - it's not my fault my wife insisted we have an auto, something about dodgy ankles.

Anyway I'm crying out for a decent auto - maybe a Saab 9-3 or Golf DSG - any other ideas guys? A diesel variant would be great too.
Hi Redcom

The Golf DSG is very cool, quick and economical. Not many people ask about diesels - the golf GTI TD can be chipped to 200bhp not sure if there is an auto version but I think they have a paddle shift option like in F1 cars - might be worth looking into. What about Fords - I think the modeo has a pretty powerfull engine or the Vauxhall Vectra's. Saabs are expensive to run IMHO.
Thanks Billyo - I know diesels can bore the life out of me too - but to my surprise there are more quick diesels out there than you think.

For all round value I'm currently looking at the Mondeo 2.2 ST TDCI.

It puts out 155bhp as standard with superchips doing a mod to take that up to nearer 200. But its the torque thats inpressive - with the mod its got enough to pulling power to tempt Angelina Jolie!!!

On the subject of Saabs - my bro has a 2.2Tid 9-3 - its pretty quick, he kept up with a 350z for about a mile or so. And he has just started using veggie oil to run it only costs 30p a litre.
Road use of vegetable oil is illegal and Customs will confiscate your car if you use it I have heard of people being fined upto £1000 to get it back. :(

I hate being grown up and having to do all of the Moral responsible post. Tomorrow I'm going to be frivilous and leave the common sense stuff to someone else! - Any volunteers!
I know it's boring and all, but if the forum owner doesn't want to do it, who will!

Ok Freddie you're right - I'll do it! I just don't want to be viewed as the responsible nagging parent figure - I have been known to do 71mph on the Motorway - but don't tell on me! :lol:
just thought i'd call to say hello

hi everyone just cruising websites nd i stummbled on this 1 so i thought i just drop in nd maybe get sum advice, i've just got a ford focus tdci 115bhp nd i want more bhp i'm going 2 chip it nd a induction kit got an exhaut of me old car to go on, so any advice would be welcome. already got the windows blacked all round waiting 4 me 17 inch konig unkown alloys to come into stock nd then am ordering a full body kit form germany.

ok here goes!

i was looking through sites and stuff, found this one. its ace!

yeah at the moment im 17, got my test booked, so should be on the road soon.

i have a 1.1i 1998 106 zest 2. at the moment its standard. once the insurance starts to come down ill be adding mods!!

i ride BMX mainly, but ive always had an interest in car modifying. hoping to ultimately quit my job as an engineer at a power station and start car restoration / servicing and modifying. ive got alot to learn!!
Hi, i'm simon. At the mo i'm not driving! my cars awaiting some "accident" repair damage, i have a 1.4 clio maxim sport with a few mods, K&N, exhaust, dropped 35mm, alloys and a lil' colour coding.
Hello all,
i'm and i drive a 1400cc astra and 2ltr honda Accord. i am about to tune/mod the astra and would like any tips on the ways of doing this, retaining the 1400cc engine.
thanks in advance,
Mark :wink:
Hi Mark - welcome to torque cars. Have you thought of port matching the intake & exhausts - its fairly easy and you could also use that as an opporunity to spray degunking stuff into the engine head directly. In the vauxhall section you will get much more specific information - good luck with your tuning and keep us informed all the way so we can compare notes.
hey all, new user here

My name is Steven and im 17 and get my driver test soon, for my first car i have a rover 25 1.4,if you wouldnt mind leaving me any tips that would be welcomed, i have a little problem with it, it seems to loose power when shifting from 1st to second when going up any sort of hill, any ideas plz let me here them.



hi all,
i just sold and bought a 206 gti (for some reason i love the car)
anyway, my new peugeot has not alot on it.#
so far im looking to buy a nos tank, just togive it a little boost,
i was told by someone th
at putting five holes in the air filter box makes the carsound louder,
i dont want 2 do anything as this car is new and precious :)
so do any of yous know if its true
Putting holes in the airbox will make the car sound louder and may even introduce a whistle - removing the exhaust will also make it louder still! Noise doesn't mean your going faster it makes you feel your going faster :eek:

Putting a 2 inch hole in the bottom of the airbox will improve induction at higher revs - get a spare airbox from the scrappy and experiment on this there are cheap power gains to be had.
Hi Charlie - nice to have you aboard - I'm quite keen on the 220's - they are a fantastic drive. I had to sell mine though because it got a bit too expensive to run.
Hi everyone the name is alun and i drive a Peugeot GTI 180 totaly standard.

Hi Alun, really nice to have you along. I bet your GTi180 won't be staying standard for long :lol: For a standard car they are pretty good for a blat along the road.
Hi Rocket - nice car - you are in good company we've got quite a few PUG fans here. Looks forward to swapping tuning tips with you.
hi guys and girls. :D im steve,23 years young. live in fleet in hampshire. sorry to say but i own a nova :rolleyes: hope to hear from you soon
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