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I am a complete idiot. Now then, onto business:
I blew up my engine a while ago. It needed a new head gasket and now its dying on me :cry:
I want a new engine for my 1996 1.8 16v Escort.
I would prefer a very high spec engine! Does anyone know where I can start?
All efforts much appreciated!
Obviously it would be best to transplant with an engine from the same model car. Failing that, I guess the next step up would be a Cosworth engine, although I'm not sure of the details. It would take extensive drive system/chassis modification. Maybe best to go with a tuned/refurbished 1.8 16v engine.. Unless you want a car like this..
I think a Ford Sierra 2.0 engine would be a relatively easy to install if you had the loom. You might be able to source a stage 2 Zetec engine with uprated internals - or get one with a x flowed head. 8)

The Cosworth engine needs a complete rebuild of just about everything! :rolleyes: You could mate this to an MTX gearbox - I think you need to cut some metal away to get the internals to mate and build custom prop & driveshafts. :twisted:

For your help guys, I just bought a recon egine and am starting work on the car!
Cheers again
Grabbed a bargain! Some guy in South London was breaking an escort cosworth 65k miles (the small turbo version) and I bought the engine + hoses off him for just under £2k.
Does anyone know which uprated spark plugs are the best for me to look out for? The guy said it needs new ones
Well done - you've got one hell of a job ahead now - it'll be a long but fun journey for you! Send us photos when it's done! 8)

Plugs - I generally recommend the bosch Quad electrode or the Slitfires they seem to last well. It looks like were starting another whats the best spark plug conversation.
Nice one

Cheers for that! Can you help with the following? -
I need a new clutch to cope with all the uprated bits n bobs I'm having put in. I have been told that I would benefit by changing to a better fly wheel as well as clutch. Obviously this is true but do I REEEALLLLYYYY need one? I am not looking to give the Stig a run for his money just yet. Could you/anyone tell me if its worth money/time/effort to do get the flywheel now? I am on a budget you see and if I don't need it just yet, I'd rather not get it for a while until the end?
I thank you!
Keeno - Changing the flywheel means removing Gearbox etc so it would cost a lot less and be less hassle to do that now. A lighter flywheel will make the engine rev faster but you will feel like you have lost power on hills - the effect of a lighter flywheel is that the engine seems to have less torque. I would leave a standard flywheel in unless you want to change revs quickly like on the track. Make sure you get a good clutch though - I recommend a Power Clutch they feel heavy but are not too stiff. Various other compounds are available so see what is best for your engine setup. Remember the heavier the clutch the harder it will be to drive the car in traffic smoothly when its stop and start all the time.
Nice one, waynne. Cheers for all your help.
Just one more question. How much would I be looking to pay for a Power Clutch (roughly)?
Power Clutch!

Wahey! I got one today,
many thanks AGAIN for your help.
We are sailing through the work, everything is going to plan + budget.
Am taking pics throughout the project, should be done by the end of the month, me thinks!
Great help once again,

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