Newbie with a 2002 Mazda RS



Hi guys. I'm a Newbie. I've had my Mazda Familia/323 RS (1.5 L- SVT) year 2002 Model for almost 2 years now. I live in Kenya (East Africa) & its a Japanese import. It's a great little feisty car & I have lotsa fun in it, especially on long journeys where I keep up with my pals who have larger Turbo aspirated engines (at half their fuel costs). Anyway, I was wondering is there anything I can do to drop the power range to lower RPMs. Currently I have to keep her between 3,500 upto 7,000 RPMs to get her to perform & I at times feel that I'm maybe pushing her too much.

Secondly my ABS light comes on at speeds above 160 kph (thats 100 mph). My Mech. hasn't figured whats causing this, please advice. I recently had a CV joint change and the rear left hub reassembled.
ABS might be the rings if the hubs been pulled apart but cant understand why its only above 160.

as long as the engines is warmed up then 3500 isnt really that bad. remember that its a small engine so will need to be pushed to get anything out of it
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