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MGTC and MGTF1500
Hi All, Bought my first "old car" at 16-I`m 76 (1936 MGTA} been covered in oil and grease virtually ever since but purely as a hobby. No racing just fun driving etc - although I did drive round the 24 Hour Le Mans circuit in a Morgan I owned at the time with my wife screaming "let me out" when visiting the 24 hour Classic. I`ve had a wide range of cars from a 1931 Sedanca Rolls to a boat tail Morris but my real love has stayed with MGs. I`ve owned a number over the years and currently have a 1955 MGTF1500 and a 1948 MGTC which I`m rebuilding ( dashboard and miscellaneous parts currently on the kitchen floor!!!!-patient wife) all be it in a very now what have I forgotten to do and perhaps I should have had it professionally resprayed. But I don`t worry what others think I`m enjoying myself. Plans for this year are beginning of June tour to the Classic at Laon in France and then on to the Black Forest plus a trip in Sept. to the classic at the Circuit des Ramparts at Angouleme in France followed by a trip through the Pyrenees to Spain returning home via Santander to Plymouth. All driving suggestions welcome. Cheers


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Hello and a very warm, welcome to TorqueCars from me the admin! Sorry for my slow reply, it's been a very busy time for me at the moment but hopefully, I've caught up.

I'm sure you'll fit in just fine and look forward to Talking Cars with you.

I like the sound of this project, we love diversity and respect ALL car projects.

What mods have you done already and which ones do you recommend? What things would you like us to cover in our articles on the main site? - Feedback from our members greatly shapes what content we research and provide.

Keep reading the articles on our site and this forum... you'll pick up loads of good common sense tips and don't be afraid to post questions, we're all here to share our knowledge and experience.

We run a really fun and interesting car community and many have said we're the friendliest around, always ready to help out where we can.

Enjoy your time with us, post loads and feel free to ask any questions or begin new threads and discussions. We're always interested to hear your comments and views on our existing topics and in the hot polls.

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1949 MG TC
Hello fellow T Type owner. Are you still with this forum? I would be interest to know how you feel about rebuilding a basket case TC. Do you think it should have mods or kept original? My car was in bits and needed a new body not much original left but it does have a matching numbers engine.


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