newbie sayin hello


ford escort mk5 1.4
hey evry1,

yup im a new 1,
just thought id say hello and introduce myself.
the names josh, i own a mk5 escort only a 1.4:(
rly standard at th mo, but has a 6" exhaust fitted which i must say sounds beautiful for a car its age.
wondered if anyone could give me some ideas on how to make it look and sound the part.

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Hi Josh and a warm welcome to you. Please refrain from using txt message speak though, it is in our terms and conditions. ;)

:eek: A 6 inch exhaust on a 1.4 - the back box I presume. Does it have any mid range power left?

If you are after noise then an induction kit would be right up your street. Beware this will almost certainly lose some low down power.
yes just the back box, my standard box had a hole so i thought id replace it with a box my friend gave me,
and well i'v never looked back since.
i am looking for some noise but really im looking for something to spice up the look of my car as it is really bog standard and doesnt turn many heads while driving down the street if you get my drift.

all the help would be much appreciated.

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