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I have little to no knowledge about how a car works but I have recently become very interested.

I know of a few ways to increase a car's performance and have found out a lot of helpful information.
The problem is that many of the people who talk about what they have added to their car, seem to install the parts themselves.

I was wondering where is the best place to go to get a super/turbocharger, exhaust, camshaft maybe and a paint job done professionally.
So far the only place I can think of is a local garage, but is there some sort of specialist shop I should go to.

I'm looking for some sensible answers so don't make me resort to becoming a fast and furious wannabe boy racer with crappy mods like a k & N filter and a 100 db muffler.
Demon Tweeks do supply and fit, they're based in North Wales, and there will be specialist companies somewhere near you that will be able to offer the same sort of thing.

A lot of tuning companies advertise in Auto Trader, so next time you're in a certain well known high street newsagent that rhymes with W H Myth, surreptitiously look through a copy and make some notes... or spend £3.20 on it and take it home, if you're loaded...
Hi punck and welcome to Torquecars. There are a number that advertise around our site. Many body repair shops offer resprays and will fit bumpers sills and skirts etc.

Most local garages can install simple straight swap parts but for turbos etc you will require a specialist as these can be tricky especially on smaller engined cars.
Cheers for the advice I'm only 18 so I'v got a long time to wait until my insurance goes down.
I am going to get a car with a bigger engine because I don't think that a fiesta mk4 is worth spending money on and a turbo/supercharger can't really boost a car with such a crappy engine (1.25).

My post was a bit vague so I'll give you a better idea of my situation.

I live in Manchester so if you know of any tune shops within the area that would be helpful.
I'm hoping to spend about £5000 all together including the car (I'll probably end up spending more).

The things I want to invest in are:-
a car with a decent sized engine (1.8-2.0)
Full body respray (metallic)

I know that this may be pushing it a little considering some paint jobs can cost £1500+
so what do you think would be the first/best thing to start with.

Again thanks for the advice.
I went for an A3 1.8T sport which in my opinion is one of the most practicle and easy to tune cars out there. Standard engine is 150 and this can be remapped to 225, with an uprated turbo there are reports of 350 bhp on standard engine internals. The standard engine still gives me 35-37mpg round town!

This means that your power mods budget are just a remap :D saving money for the visual mods.

The 1.8T engine also appears in the VW Golf and Seat Leon so there are some cheaper bases to work from.

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