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just got a 96 mazda 323f 1.5 model,was thinking about doing a few things tuning and styling to it but i a complete begginer when it comes to cars and was wondering where i should start. any starting out tips and advice will be appreciated.
Hi there, i have A mazda 323f, 1.5, first thing to do is, if it doesnt have a spoiler then get one from a breakers yard from a 2.0ltr zxi, take the front bumper spoiler and side skirts too, this will instantly make it look better, and make it look like the 2 ltr model, then get some fog lights for the front! that will come to no more than £30-40

Then with £100 buy some lowering springs for it, you can pick them up on ebay, but beware you will need a whole weekend to do this, with compressers.

Then with £70 get a k and n induction kit, you can fit this in 10mins,

For exhsust its a custom made job, cant buy them, you will have to go to powerflow.

I have just left the exhaust but put a de-cat on it, sounds great and performs better!. dont bother with back boxes, sounds tacky. de-cats are custome but only £70-80

also change the tail pipe, get a twin end one, cut off the old one and bold a new one on, only if its a single, make sure that fumes are going into both holes.

thats about it, dont tint the windows tried it, and its looks terrible, on that car.

got a tow bar? take it off! lol

polish up the rocker cover! takes weeks but can look like a mirror!
one other thing skinback, for back boxes, if you get them made from power flow or longlife, then ask for it to be a high pitched sound, doesnt sound tacky, been speaking the guys at powerflow, they made a back box for my car and it sounds really good high pitched, thinking of doing it now.
Go for it. Post up some pics and a review when its done I'm sure quite a few others will be interested to read your experiences.
Cheers Waynne i will do, im posting a few pics this morning, will they be show cased? or do have to click on my details to find the pics?
Add them to the gallery thread using either the attachments or image upload option.

I would also create an album in your profile which you can easily add to at a later date.
Mazda 323Fs are ace but I've only had the popup light ones and not the later specs which are still right tasty.

However they're not as tasty as my 1987 323Turbo 4x4( D323TSW). Thats the only 323 I've got left and I'm properly crying about that.

When I fitted a Powerflow stainless exhaust to my 323F GT it sounded raw and went super-quick but that was the only mod I did as it was a road car.

I think my 4x4s been tinkered but it's sleeping in a shed until I've got the dough to sort it properly.

They're very strong cars-I've popped Toyota engines completely to meltdown but the 4x4 is my 7th 323 and the worst so far is one broken piston ring on a 323F SE and the same again on one of the GTs.
Liverpool is where I'm based but I did use a Mazda 323F GT to attend the Cannes Film Festival in 2005 so I've been past your front door at a high rate of knots-128mph with the headlights raised which was 6800rpm and when I lowered them it managed 7100rpm.

By the time I got to Antibes I'd gone deaf and dumb so I've been using campervans ever since-a Previa in 06 (103 mph while racing a 1920s vintage Bentley up to Dunkerque and he was going quicker on beaded tyres and the road was a river-very scary) and a Estima in 08 which crossed the Ardennes and the Alps on it's way to St.Tropez for the European Harley Davidson Festival.
I think I saw the blur shooting past! Its amazing the lights make such a difference. I hope you weren't speeding on the public roads!:eek:
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