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Corsa D CDTI 1.7SRI
Hi everybody,

Just joined, my wheels, Black 2009 Corsa D 1,7 CDTI SRI, tuned to approx 160HP. I have just received an early Xmas present from VX, in that just returned from its second service fitted with a new 6 speed gearbox and new rear shocks. (Although this is second set of shocks in 2 years.)

Engine ModificationsPDI box/K&N panel air filter/Pedal Box/Irmscher (Spaced) Twin Exhaust System/Forge front strut brace.
Suspension ModificationsStandard Interior ModificationsArm Rest fitted|Blue tooth Hands free. Exterior ModificationsInsigina Screen Washers/Front Grill colour co-ordinated/All badges sprayed Flame Red (Including Centre of wheel badges)/Team Heko Wind Deflecters/Headlight Protectors. Wheels & TyresStandard. ICE & SecurityStandard.
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May I as the site admin wish you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars. It is really nice to meet you and I hope you'll be spending some time with us over the months to come.
You'll find us one of the friendliest and most helpful car tuning forums around.

What plans do you have for your car? I'm sure we can give you lots of ideas and suggestions if you need any.

Do feel free to chip in on our other topics and discussions, we are all here to share our passion for cars. Being friendly and helpful is a forum rule here and I'm sure you'll fit in just fine.
Greetings and Welcome to our TorqueCars car Forum :)

Feel free to have a look around the website, there are many varied and interesting articles to read on all manner of car modifying subjects.

Also, you may find our members project threads and photo gallery very useful as a source of inspirational ideas towards your own very special project!

Enjoy! :)
Welcome to the forum. Nice set of mods indeed. What was up with the gearbox?

The car went in for second service and a reported noise on nearside front wheel which occured going around roundabouts, came back with a new gear box, compliments of VX. No explanation. (I am certainly not complaining). :lol:

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