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uk Weymouth
Awaiting the arrival of my Metalic British racing green Z3 1.9.
Im sure there are lots of dos & donts with the Z3. Would like to hear them.
Congratulations buddy on the new car, I hope it gives you many happy and trouble free miles whilst you own it.
Many thanks T9 Man

its being delivered from Tyne & Wear on thursday.
98 roadster convertable. 61k on the clock FULL service history with 12 stamps in the book.
Looking forward to playing with it.

Cheers Terry
Snow stopped Play.

My new toy was supposed to be delivered yesterday . Unfortunatly the snow around
Tyne & Wear meant it cant be delivered to Weymouth untill tomorow morning. Have even purchased a monster chammy. Theres no justice any more. A mans toy , is a mans toy after all.
Cant get hold of a few pieces of wiring loom for my Nova Kit car, that in turn means i cant fit the new cylinder head onto the rover twin cam engine whitch is in turn bolted up to a 1971 chassis & gearbox.

Ah well
Thanks HugoBoss.

Arrived today, off loaded onto drive way , paid the driver , and collected the documents & "key ".

Started first time , no throttle, instantly remembered the gentle hiss of the engine running from Many years ago. Couldnt take it for a ride, No Insurance. Too much to look at first.
Well pleased with the car, will have great fun with it.

bit of advice needed. the car only came with one Door/ignition key and 2 on/off fobs. whats the best deal to get a 2nd door/ignition key. I saw some on Ebay 2 button remote key case. Non OEM replacment key, free cutting to code . £13.99.
Allso no key for the boot, or the storage space behind the seats. Again wheres the best place to get them from.

Cheers Terry

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