New Uniroyals


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When I got the car 6 months ago it had Contis at the rear and Link at the front. Link tyres were ok but I like to have the same all round. The Contis were down to 3mm, I'd just done a stack of overtime so I've now got 4 new Uniroyals on, 205/55/16. 91V

58 quid a corner. Contis were coming in at 68 which is still a good price but I like Unis.

£232 quid all in.

Have to say this is why I like not having massive wheels. Some poor bloke next to me with a 330 on 19s was paying mor than that for a single tyre.

Anyway, this being my first rwd car in decades it'll be interesting to see what miles I get out of them. I'm hoping for a good mileage cos most of my driving is just pootling to work and back.
Uniroyals are a good tyre. I'm running them on the front now. £155 for two 235/40/18's not too bad i didn't think. I like same all round too but back ones have loads on so as they all wear the unis will go to the back and new pair on the front
Yep, that is a good price. I'd not have minded if mine had the amg 17s on,but with the elegance trim and slightly softer suspension the 16s actually suit it better.

That said it is still very nicely planted in the corners. It has the shocks filled with the special fluid that's soft on bumps but hard under gentle pressure like when on a bend.
That will be great! Keep sharing your experience about how it goes for you and i am sure that it will be helping those who are interested like me.
Price sounds reasonable to me and hopefully that will be giving you some good outcome.

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