new to the world of superchargers need advise


Hello, I'm new to the world of super chargering and I have more questions than know.

I'm looking to supercharge a 2015 5.0 coyote crate engine from ford performance with the supercharger offered by ford and roush, it's a supercharger that roush and ford worked on together to develope.

The problem I have is the super charger was developed specifically for the 2015-2017 mustangs, not the crate engines, so there is no remapping software to be had for the controls pack to run the crate engine.

I would really like to add this modification, but I would to fully understand the concept of forced induction and most importantly how to remap the ECU.

Any help from this forum with info or where to go for the info would be greatly appreciated. Thx.
Hi and welcome :)
When it comes to remapping/tuning I have no knowledge of your experience or skills in this area so I would recommend you leave that to a specialist to get the best SAFE reliable motor that starts first time and handles peak hour traffic as well as track days regardless of temperature |B

Forced induction of any kind creates heat so an effective charge air cooler / intercooler should be in your budget to get the best power result and help protect the motor from detonation.

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