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Hey All, it's been a while.

Wondering if I could get some advice. I've just got my self a new car and it has some nice ditch finders on it right now so when I have financially recovered I am looking to get some new tires. Trouble is there are so many to choose from these days and I can't find any decent reviews.

Can anyone give me some recommendations?
Tire size 205/45/R17 88 W
^^ Good site for reviews. Makes it hard to judge though because a lot are all over the place. I find Uniroyal Rainsports decent but they do wear down relatively fast
Cheers for the link, I did find that website before, I just wasn't sure about it as I was finding other sites giving reviews that had different results.

Alot of review sites were saying that the Michelin Super Sports were the end all but this website ranks them 6th for my tires size.

Going by tyrereviews though has anyone used the Nokian Line tire at all?
SP Sport MAXX work really well. They also last a long time. Hankooks are pretty good and I've also had good results from Michelin Pilot Sports, and Toyo semi slicks. It depends what you want? Do you do track days, do you drive much in the wet?

(Nice to hear from you again buddy, glad you're still around.)
Haha yeah I'm still around, keep checking in every now and then but failing to post lol.

well I need tires that can attack B roads in all weather (commute too and from work) and also handle the occasional track day. I don't really want to compromise too much on wet weather performance as when it rains (like it has a lot this month here) my morning and afternoon run too and from work has lots of standing water with the odd bit of mud brought on by the odd tractor, I don't have enough space to store a separate set of wheels with semi slick track tires unfortunately.
Just had a look online for them and they have had stellar reviews from users left, right, and center, only time they are getting played down is in reviews from places like Auto Express, will definitely keep an eye on these.

Any others to keep an eye out for? always good to have a choice.
I wouldn't pay too much attention to reviews. Unless tested in lab conditions on a like for like basis people are comparing old worn out tyres with new ones and will always praise them.

Bad reviews can be interesting though. I had Pirelli P6000's and hated them. The grip was terrible, they regularly clogged up with mud and I could never get traction on grass when I had them. I went back to Ventus and was happy.
hmm that's an interesting point, well I have to ask then what tires have everyone had bad experiences with?
Early Goodyear eagle f1's only lasted me 6 months 6000 fun miles. The grip was phenomenal and I loved the tyre but they just didn't last. I understand that the compound used now in the current f1s is much better.
Ouch only 6 months? that's surprising but not at the same time in a way, to get all that grip they must have been really soft, or you spent most the time sliding the car ;)
;) Not saying about the driving style, but it was a fun time! It was on a Quattro so they all wore out at the same time!
The TWI on the side of all tyres is a guide of grip and wear that one can expect to help when selecting tyres.
The lower the number = shorter life and as a general rule more grip
Are the TWI only listed on the tires or are they also listed on the websites as well? all I have found is the labeling witch states Wet grip, Fuel efficiency, and Noise Rating.
I prefer to see them before I buy.
If the TWI's are not listed on the web then email them for whatever info you need.:)
All food for thought, will definitely have to do some proper investigation when I have financially recovered from buying the car. Mind I also emailed the guys and and to my surprise they came back to me. They gave me a few links to look at that I'll list below and then recommended the Michelin Pilot Sport 4, mind they command a hefty price tag too.

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