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Just bought a mondeo newer shape model 1000 pounds at auction to sell to a customer for 1500 he's now the new owner thank god!Drove from leeds auction to Bury lancs in it,I have bought and sold many of the older mondeo's which drove better cornered better,more reliable than these newer ones.The dash on the newer ones look like they've been sprayed with bright silver wheel paint.The suspension and seats are harder.A mate of mine was telling me he would never have the new shape mondeo or the new shape vectra.Too many reliability issues with both cars,and everything is ECU related,Dual mass flywheels etc.Engines are both governed for CO2 emmisions...Give me the older versions any time.:blink1:
This was true of the MK3 golfs, the MK1 & 2's were so much better. I also preferred the Mk2 Astra to the Mk3 but by around MK5 they have sorted out most of the niggles and quirks.

I guess any new model that comes out has issues that need to be ironed out. I try to avoid facelift models for this very reason.
One thing I remember about the Vectra Cs, compared to the Vectra Bs, was the bizarre indicator stalk system, push to switch on and again to cancel - the old idea had been around for decades and was really not crying out to be buggered about with in any way.

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