New Mini cooper or Mrk4 Golf


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Hi everyone,

Looking to get a new car, either a new mini or 1.4 golf (match)

not reallly after ba super fast car just one that looks good and when i transfer my audio across will sound good.

whats peoples views?


this is always going to be down to personal choice but my choice would be the mini and im presuming you mean the mini one its very nippy and handles alot better than the golf and when you have got used to the power you can always get it chipped/mapped to the same power as the cooper and this would probably be a better vehicle for your audio with the boot being a similar size to a punto
agreeing with herb on this i would go for the mini, the 1.6 golf is gutless so would hate to see what the 1.4 is like. also dont find it very chuckable into corners compared to mine.

the mini ive been told is just like driving a big go kart
Golf 1.4 MkIV is spineless to say the least - 75bhp is not enough in any war in my opinion.

The latest 1368cc Golf with a turbocharger and supercharger is worth nearly 170bhp but that's a very very different engine indeed. It's so flexible that Skoda fit's it in the Superb, which is now a very large car.

Why not got for a Golf TDi 130? You'll get better economy that the 1.4 petrol and the performance will be in a different league altogether.

I'm not a fan of the BMW Mini - it's too fussy inside with the lego look dashboard etc.
How do the prices compare? Minis are probably more expensive to run than the Golf.

of course, the mini as a famous trademark is expensive, you'll have to pay for the name.
i find these new mini's ugly and girly cars, i hate when i see a guy driving a mini, and some assholes here take them pink, they must be gay.
I think those cars both have obvious pros and cons over each other. One's a Mini but at least it will drive OK, the other's underpowered but at least its a Golf. My chum doesn't like it when I call Golfs poor man's BMWs. Mind you he had a Mk 2 Golf and now he's got a Mk1 GTi Phase 2 and a Mk3 VR6 and they're both pretty cool.
The MK III was when the original design flair got lost. It became bloated and heavy. Even the 16 valve GTi 2.0 litre was weedy

Hence the VR6 2.8 to get back some of the original GTi feel.
As a dub fan.. i'd always say go with the Golf, although you'd have alot more fun with something like the 1.9 TDi (Diesel) or 1.8T (Petrol)

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