New member from Sac California with 2016 QX70!


Sacramento California
2016 QX70
Hey guys my name is Cameron. I was born in Orange County where I lived most of my life, then spent a couple years in Murrieta before I moved to Houston for a little over two years. I moved back to southern Cal in Feb 2020 and I just moved to northern California in October but I am probably going to move back to Orange County by the end of the year. Although I grew up in OC life was not sunshine and rainbows for me, i come from a broken home, my dad died from alcohlism when I was 18, a distant relative stole my inheritance and my home, I was homeless and couch surfing for years and moving around but could never get settled or stable. Theres a lot more but anyways I didnt even own a vehicle for a couple years and a few months ago I took the COVID stimulus money and started a business and it paid off and Im doing very good now. I needed an AWD SUV and I was looking at a few but settled on a 2016 QX70 AWD premium package a couple months ago and I gotta say Infiniti is STUPID for discontinuing these. This vehicle is incredible, and Im so happy with the purchase. The best vehicles Infiniti makes is their G/Q and FX/QX series and the rest of the stuff they make IMO is pretty lame... hopefully they bring it back but anyways Ive been a car/truck guy but I was never in the car scene or knew a ton about them as motorcycles were really my thing and what I put most of my effort in. At one point I was in the stunt scene and I had a little business buying/flipping bikes, rebuilding, custom building, and modding bikes and I loved it, but I stopped riding in 2014/15. my entire life and I really take pride in my vehicles. Ive been adding mods to the QX70 but my goal is to really build this thing into something unique and special over time. Id appreciate any feedback or advice as im new to the car scene, and Ive already fallen in love with the car scene just like I did with motorcycles and I really intend to get involved and buy/sell other cars over the years the build them up. Thank you for the honor of being a part of this and I look forward to talking to you all and maybe one day meeting at a car meet.

PS im trying to upload pictures of it and its asking me for a link to media pages like twitter and *#*#*#*#..??


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Hello and welcome :D

You certainly have lived an interesting life to date and have gained some skills and I look forward to following the progress of your build especially pics that you will be able to post when you have 10 posts that won't take long if you join in and comment on any subject or post that interests you.