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Alright smithy123...welcome to TorqueCars! Massive will be pleased to see another Rover driver! Have you modded it in any way? Have you got any plans to mod the Rover?
Well I've only had it since January so haven't done loads to it yet, got BSA alloys, aftermarket induction kit, twin 12" sub, 6" by 9" speakers, and a kenwood headunit, but I want to get an SS exhaust system on it, a body kit, get it lowered, and hopefully drop either a 2.0 turbo or 1.8 vvc engine in it, the 1.8 will probably be easier, but thats in the future at the moment because it all costs money.
Hi Smithy - and welcome to TorqueCars its nice to have you along. I had a 220GTi so I'm a big Rover fan myself. The VVC engine would be more reliable the Tomcat engine will be cheaper to get and give more power. I think I would go with the VVC though.;)
just dont put a K series in it for god sake unless you like blown headgaskets!
it's already got the K series in it and I think the headgasket is on it's way out, I can do it myself but I'm still going to have to pay for parts and pay to get the head skimmed so theres no point, I might aswel just save up for the new engine, what I really need is a donor rover t-top turbo so I can get the half leather interior out of it aswell, I'm gutted because my neighbour just sold his 2.0 T-top Turbo for £180, WHAT!!!, he was stupid to let it go so cheap, it didn't have any tax or mot but it was still worth more than that, if I'd known he would let it go for that I would have had it in a flash, but you win some you loose some I suppose.

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