new fabia vrs


skoda fabia vrs
has anyone checked out the latest and greatest from skoda the new fabia vrs im a bit embarressed about there new shape i think they have made there car for a certain audiance even though skoda are attracting even more younger attention they will have pushed the younger years away but the new fabiaa vrs whoa i like!!!!! i mean its alot like cooper s but practical? think its a1.4 superchaged engine?? not hundred percent on that. pushing out 170 bhp i think
nah doesnt does it??? itss bigger than the cooper s so you can actualy get rear passengers haha? cheers for checking the thread.
u know eveythink about every car haha!!!!! i mention any car and your there lol i think id go with the turbo charged engine! what about u??
no it has both the supercharger helps the turbo along so you get next to zero lag from the turbo.

dotn know about every car but try and stay on top of the VAG range lol
ohh and if you need part numbers for anything on the skoda give me a shout and ill see if i can find them out for you . not fully up to date but have ETKA (VAG parts calalouge) saves tring to get sense out of most dealers
cmon vag?? what it mean? oh right yeah cheers nice one my friends just started an appretiship for vauxhaull near where i live so he gets skoda parts at cost prices plus 10 percent off. so u to will come in handy haha. im definatly gunna supply for my service!!!
Heres a front image of the cool Fabia rally car. I think they are on to a winner with this one.

that car i garauntee wil be a winner this seasons ralying im excited volkswagon have just absolutely ruined all the car markets with there range of makes and models!!!
I think you will enjoy it when it comes. What is the waiting list like? What options did you go for and did you get a good deal?
Hey "waynne" ive opted for black magic pearl paint, black roof with the 17" black gigaro wheels, rear electric windows. altogether that comes to just over 17k. im hoping it will look good, the green just wasnt for me.
I had tear up with the new vrs the other day! What do you think the outcome was straight road from 60 onwards (on the m3 eastbound)
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