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ford focus silver
hello chaps have not been on in a while been too busy.just thought i would tell you i have a new motor.the escort served its purpose its gone now.been replaced with ford focus silver 2002 reg.1.6 zetec se.any thoughts on this car and modifications i can do .cheers chaps sorry ive been away so long.will keep you informed of mods i make to car.
cheers mate.i would like a bit more power as always.can i decat it and will it affect the mot if i do.and a sporty backbox.whats the best way to go with the air handles pretty well at the moment would suspension upgrades spoil the ride.i might have sum 17 inch alloys for it i think there standard rs do you rate these focus zetecs.
The Zetec Focus handles like a dream.
The 1.6 is a bit underpowered but the handling certainly makes up for the lack of power.
All Focus Zetecs come with sports suspension so you shouldn't need to change anything here.
If you remove the cat then yes it will fail the MOT. But all you would have to do is bolt the cat back on for the MOT once a year.;)
I'm not sure an upgraded airfilter will do much for you tbh.
You could try a cold air induction kit like a BMC CDA, but for the money I don't think you'll see a big enough difference in power.

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