New car and bike

The S2K has gone! this is my new motor the 350Z, Took some pics with my mates S2000







And just got my first bike too. Suzuki SV650S :love:



midlife! im only 26!!! ha. just living the dream mate :) Totally different car from the S2k. This feels like a big luxuary cruiser with a shed load of tourque and is quicker than the S2k and to drive around normally is a much better ride but for excitement id go to the S2k anyday. Everytime i drove the S2k i drove like a tit in vtec everywhere and loved it but with the zed i just dont feel like i want to drive it fast everywhere, just cruise around in comfort. Iv driven my mates S2k since i got the zed (the red one in the pics) and it just feels like its lacking in power now.
I get my kicks with the bike now, no better feeling than just tucking your shoulders in and opening up on a clear road on a bike, just feels like them dreams you have of flying. Plus weaving in and out of traffic on country roads is awesome when you would be stuck behind some sunday driver usually in a car. the only bad side is you really need a few mates with bikes otherwise you end up going on days out on ur own looking like a wally
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Looks like you're in for some serious summer fun come rain or shine!

Enjoy them both, go carefully on the bike though.
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