New Boy On the Block



Hi Folks
I have just signed on to the site and just like to say Hi :p
Also I have a slite problem with my 206 1.1L I have just lowerd it by 40mil but have now got a knocking noise on the steering can anybody tell me what the problem is please.:sad2: Thanks
hi and welcome,

if you have just had the car lowered and its only just started to knock i would check to see if the springs are sitting properly in the struts. if it isnt it will rotate and knock.

Hello there, may I wish you a very warm welcome to TorqueCars, and I hope you enjoy the forums as much as we all do.

I agree with Bertrum, it is also worth checking that the tyres are not snagging at full lock. Check the tyres for wear or signs of rubbing.
You have just put lowering springs on without shocks i suspect as i did the same to my old punto it was only when you went over a bump its like a knock but with a metal tapping noise its because the springs are shorter and standard shocks are longer i would have some decent shocks to put the springs on.

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