New Bee say's Gidday...


BMW Series 1M & 3M
Just a quick hi to everyone who's in self Isolation out there.
I'm luckily considered a critical worker son can escape the confines of the house and Mrs....
Have a 2000 3 Series E46 Coupe M Sport which I'm currently working on as my project and the runaround which I've just picked up is a 2015 1 Series M sport 116i.

Will have a few questions later on re bother vehicles but more of that later.

Just a Shout out to everyone out there in this brave new world...
Hello and a very warm, welcome to TorqueCars from me the admin!

Nice to have you along, I hope you're enjoying the site.

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Hello. I'm quarantined at home, too.
I work remotely. Children learn online.

What are you doing with the car?

On the 3 series I'm redoing the suspension as the last owner lowered its from stock suspension and made a wee bit of a hash job.
Installed a 2.5" stainless exhaust system, am working a spare head with some porting and flowing to change out at a later date and refresh the cam chain followers and such.
As for the 1 series just looking a t a rear spoiler and a front strut brace, maybe find a decent set of 18" rims.

Enough to keep me in the garage and out from under the Mrs feet for 5 minutes.
Other projects on todo list are finish of rebuilding my Duc 748 and redo the brakes on my cycle.
Hello there, may I wish you a very warm welcome, it's great to have you join us. We hope you enjoy the site and the forum, and please do get stuck into the discussions, we love reading your opinions and hearing about your experiences.

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