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the netherlands
accord 1.8 V-tec
hello people.

im from the netherlands, 24 years old.
and i currently own a Honda Accord 1998 facelifted model.
it has an 1.8 liter V-tec engine and just 150 000 km on the counters or just under 100 000 miles.
it has a Clarion doubleDin touchscreen radio with satnav. and all other things you can think off. the rearspeakers are replaced with 16cm composets and im lookin to replace the frontspeakers later this year
at the moment im getting my doorhandles mirrors doorbumpers and sideskirts painted in the body color(silvergrey) ill post some images when that is done.
thank you people. im looking for an intake for my car. but all i can find in the netherlands are replacement air filters from K&N. will they roar aswell or just add some air ?
It will give you a more throaty sound but then you need to fit a cone shaped filter, as a panel filter won't effect the sound that much. Do you have a free flow exhaust, cause that's where the real roar will come from. Grrrrrr
hmm, and there we are on my problem again :P its hard to find those kind of parts for honda accords in holland. my toyota had a huugeee cone on it that made really kickass noise when driving trough tunnels at high RPM's i wont change the exhaust. cause then i hear it all the time. the air intake is only when you put the pedal to the metal.
yess, quite hard to find a nice one that fits my budget.

got my car back finally, from the spraypainter. looks really cool. he cleaned the rearbumper aswel. im not sure if i keep it that way. or place back the honda logo.
yes you have :P i need 10 posts first, so if this is my tenth post, ill make an album rightaway

i do not know why. but i can not make an album just now.

i already have the images on my laptop so far.
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No pressure matey just hurry up slowly,lol, sometimes phodies get stalled a bit for moderation, or something like that.
Go to bottom of this page,go to forum jump, click on projects and wips, see if you can do it there, that's if you haven't tried it already, in which case, just pretend you never saw this post.

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