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yo guys

got a 1996 mk3 golf, wanna lower it, my group of car modding freinds are split right down the center between coilovers or shocks and springs, bear in mind the arch gap on my car is huge, so all opinions needed on this one thanks
well its some of them trying to be know-it alls , but the main two , one of thems just gots shocks and springs for his mk2(i think) rocco and the other has just orrdered spax rsx coilovers for his corrado and the three of us had a disscussion the other day and we settled on coilovers, not a very expencive set tho cos i have no job at the moment , but other people keep whining about gettin shocks and springs instead
wish i had the money to buy them, the way i see it is its only a 1.4 golf , at the end of this year im gonna start looking into a bigger engined mk3 and garage it to start work on it , i dont need any fancy coilovers on my golf at the moment as i dont drive it hard enough i mainly want them to remove some of the horendous arch gap

PS. RSXs are going on my project golf
Basically the facts are these.

Budget coilies (£300 and below) will be #!#!#!#! in comparison to £300 shocks and springs. start spending more money and coilies become a better option. your welcome to come have a ride in my rado, which is on cheap coilies, and the ride is horrendous! it is far too low though, i was scraping the road literally the whole way up south street yesterday!
south street? , well im not going horrendously low i just wanna sort the arch gap out really, and dont know when im gonna have enough cash for a good set of coilovers
yeah south street in chi!

my splitter clearance on the rado is about an inch at tops. looks great, but is a bitch to drive on anything other than smooth roads (please tell me where some are! :lol:)

if you only have a couple hundred quid, id recommend a set of shocks and springs. something like Jamex would be ok on a budget.
Pedant alert!

In the UK, the shock is absorbed by the springs and the springs are controlled by the dampers, so the shock absorbers are the springs, not the dampers!

If you are not convinced, try running a car without springs and see how much shock absorbing the dampers do :)
agreed on that , i dunno where any smooth roads are either lol , what colour's your rado , any advise on where to get a good set of shocks and springs on a couple a houndred quid budget
Jamex are the same as hottuning coilies fella. they are ok if thats all you can afford and just want the looks.

being honest, at the end of the day a 1.4 is never gonna be a snarling monster that needs to be able to take corners that quickly, so you should be fine.

just be prepared for a hard ride if you go very low!
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