Need some advice of FI on 92 1.6


MX5 1.6
Ok so hello people, my first post, I have a 92 dutch import LHD 1.6 uk spec in BRG, Its an ongoing project and mods so far are:

Veilside kit
momo front discs, green stuff pads
Apexi induction kit
Decat pipe
Apex titanium back pipe / box (too loud so had custom bracket welded so I can swap to quieter mazdaspeed sports pipe for road use)
Raceland adjustable coilovers


What I need advice on is what to do next.

Ive had in mind for ages to do a turbo conversion and I went as far as purchasing a used turbo from the mazda 323 AWD turbo and a greddy down pipe and AFPR, plus some 1.8 injectors - beige
none of which has been put on the car. The thing that is holding me back is many people saying you sacrifice reliability, and that superchargers are a better route. plus the fact that I have no money to purchase manifold which is very expensive and I have limited engine experience.

So im not sure what to do next, the car is beautifully balanced between power (guessing about 120-130 bhp) and handling at the moment as my weekend at the nurburgring proved. So im hesitant whether to mess with the engine. All the 'lads' i speak to are 'go for power' but they havent driven it.

Interested in people's opinions. And more importantly opinions other than 'buy a FM kit for $xxxx and get it done properly' which is all I ever get from some other forums!

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both turbos and supercharging will sacrifice reliability. you could run a small turbo on say 5 psi get a healthy but not mental jump in power and just have to look after it a bit more. or fit a supercharger running 15psi which might well blow up the engine.

theres plenty examples of mx5s that have both been charged by both methods
If the kit is fitted correctly and the car tuned properly, reliability should not be an issue. I have supercharged Mk1 and am making 8psi with extra mods, I have had a couple of minor issues, but nothing major. There are plenty of other MX5 owners who have fitted turbos or superchargers and haven't had issues. I've just posted pictures in the meet and greet section if you want to see what I've done so far.:)

My advice would be to research both for the pro's ans con's and then decide what you want. Whatever you decide to do, your on a slippy slope as the extra power is infectious, and your cars going to turn into a money pit as you try to gain even more.:bigsmile:
thanks guys, much appreciated, will keep researching and thinking about my options. has anyone had any good experience with replacing cams?
nothing just someone said that race cams are a good mod and strengthen the internals, just wondered if this was a typical thing to do
It depends what sort of power you are looking for. I personally wouldn't bother, the engines in these car are pretty much bullet proof. I know plenty of people that are running 15psi boost on stock internals.

BTW - If its because your getting a tapping on start up, It'l more than likely be the HLA's, try swapping your oil for a thinner grade. I use Mobil 1 fully synth 0w - 40w and because my car is supercharged I change my oil every 6 months.
nothing just someone said that race cams are a good mod and strengthen the internals, just wondered if this was a typical thing to do

To run some decent reliable boost you'll need to uprated the internals and lower the compression.
You can run a small amount of boost on standard internals but TBh if you want to see some serious gains i'd be looking at an engine swap for something that is turbo'd from the factory.
The engine in the five already has very low compression, and the internals can easily cope with extra power. For specialist advice from people that are mad about fives, join the forums on MX5Nutz.

The Mk1 Mx5 engine is based on the 323f BP engine, in fact Mazda did a special edition MX5 the BBR turbo. which was a 1.6 running 5psi.
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