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Lancer gsr cm5a
alrite boys, just bought myself a lancer gsr 1997 the cm5a 1.8t,
Im looking to fit a front mount intercooler-
1. i here i could need an engine re-map incase the fuel/air mix would run lean on the fuel side, which could damage the engine?
2. i dont no what size would suit my car, getting one from an evo4 again have been told its the one and that it wont do, to big i think?
3. the rad will lose the cold air hitting it because of the fmic so that may need to be upgraded?
4. is a fmic really worth all this trouble?
5. i understand you lose HP up the rev range as the turbo heats air when compressing.. would a cold air intake be a cheaper?easier option?
6. other plans for my car is the exhaust system, fmic, induction kit, possible re-map, light weight alloys, coilovers.... and later on maybe the actuator, bigger fuel pump,turbo,injectors and forged pistons... advice would be much appreciated thanks guys!


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An intercooler will not require a fuel map, the engine takes into account air temperature and even with an intercooler will still be well within tolerances so the air fuel mix will be unchanged other than the fact there will be slightly more fuel and air to burn due to the lower temperature.

Evo 4 size sounds good, the evo is a 2.0 engine and the turbo is pushing in a lot of air anyway so you certainly wont have capacity issues and it should be small enough to avoid issues with lag.

The radiator is much hotter than the intake air so the small difference in air flowing through it will barely be noticable.

A FMIC is worth considering if your intake temps are substantially higher than ambient air temps, it is a simple mod and worth considering on any tuning project where FI is concerned IMO

Hot air will rob the entire rev range of power, heat soak will still apply on an intercooler as it starts to warm up.

Do the major mods first (internal ones) then start to work on the other parts and try to do as many together as you can as it is generally cheaper to get all the parts installed at once.