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vw polo mk4 1.4 8v
hey, im thinking of buying another vw polo mk4 1.4 16v and modiying it quite abit, i used to have a vw polo and i loved it. just brought a 206 and i think they are crap. so i want another polo. the 1st things i want to do with it is upgrade the springs. i want it dropped buy 60/70mm all round. i read in an artical that the ideal lowering amount is 35mm, other wise you will have to do some further upgrades. i asume these are to maintain reliability. all i wanted to know was is anyone knew what these upgrades are?? thnaks
yeah alignment will be out and youll have less grip due to a smaller contact patch on the ground.
you could always go for air suspension have it at a decent hight for driving and decked for parked up or shows
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