Need help with Tuning an FTO


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Hey guys, I am looking to tune up my Fto, and I was wanting a little advice on what I should do first, and roughly the cost it will cost me. A little information about it

Ok I am willing to spend as much money as possible, but obviously not at once. I am currently using it as a daily car but it is going to become a project, and thus I am looking for a cheap car that I can use on weekdays. I want it to be a reliable car, but Economy is not that important. I want to it to have as much power as possible, as like I said it is a project car.

The engine size is V6, and it is a Mivec Manual.

Sorry about not giving enough information before
First off as pgarner said, a decent induction kit and sports exhaust of some kind, there's loads of makes on the market. next is some kind of a piggyback ecu, greddy comes to mind. there's not a lot you can do to tune the fto unless you go down the supercharger or turbo route. Have a look on the aussie fto club
Hope this helps you dude.
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