Need help with timing on tuner studio


2001 kia sportage e
I have an 01 kia sportage with a microsquirt running everything. I have no aftermarket sensors or parts beside the MS. I took the ignition drivers out of the stock ecu and wired them up and have spark. I have fuel but don't know if I need to mess with injector settings. I can get the car running but i don't believe my ignition settings at correct. I have a 60-2 flywheel and idk about the cam setup i believe its a hall sensor that detects a single tooth on the back of the cam. I have ignition settings set to single wheel with missing tooth using cam speed and have my timing at 17 advanced and 10 btdc. It runs like piss and I know that i should be running dual wheel with missing tooth. But idk how to get it running off that. And to make it harder to time its a wasted spark setup. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated as I am surprised I made it this far with no aftermarket timing setup.

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