need help with rwd car


HI all i am new here i was searching for rwd car , I hear (not sure 100%) that ford sierra or ford escort are rwd is that right
what about escort XR3I
and which low end car have rwd or awd ?? year < 1998
Hi Hmetro24 welcome to the site. The escorts are not rear wheel drive unless you are talking about a classic MK1 (The RS Mexico was a hot version of the escort with a boot and was rear wheel drive.)

All Sierra's with the exception of the 4 wheel drive models are rear wheel drive and also the entire BMW range are rear wheel drive. You can pick up some really nice older BMW's for little money nowadays.
so you are saying that ford sierra are rwd
alll the engines are rwd ??? 1.6 and 2.0 ???
if yes what engine mod can i do ? ( that police cant seee ) and low cost mods that dont cost much and give more bhp and became better for drifting
i am newbie in cars and i wanted rwd for drifts and here is isra3l aint much rwd cars , they cost much
btw what torques mean /
btw what the fire blow that got out from exhuast like bom when u change gear ?? does that called cut off
All the engines are RWD the 1.6 is not really powerfull enough for drifting so you should really go for a 2.0. There are plenty of modifications around for the 2.0 engine. You could also swap it for a Cosworth engine if you want really big power. Otherwise change the cams, exhaust and induction kit. Adding Nitrous will give a little more power in short bursts.

One essential mod for drifting is the fitting of a limited slip diff which makes sliding the back a lot easier.

Torque is the strength of the engine and is a measure of the turning force. It is Torque that you notice when you drive making the car feel like it pulls well. There is another thread on what Torque is in the General car chat at the top of the main page.

Flames from the exhaust come generally on turbo cars with very tight timing parameters and NO CAT. There are kits that create flames by various methods to give the effect and they are called flamer kits. It is more for show that power.

Hope this answers some of your questions.
thx for the info man i need a bit more more link could be nice
how much the 2.0 engine give bhp 0-60 ....
if i wanna add the mods u talked about how much it will increase out
how much i gain with every 1
induction kit
what about ecu??
what about intercooler ?
and about the limited slip diff can u give more information whats is it about ,should i change something ... give me links
what about suspension ??
and about the flame kits is this wat u talking about ?

.loook at this video ? this wat i am talking about , does that need a turbo /?? no way with out turbo
To get a very rough idea of power increases play with this:-

You'll notice that the more items you add the more power each item gives.
Sierra engines - base power:-
(1993cc 105bhp engine);
(2294cc, 114bhp V6 engine);

You do need a turbo to do the burst of flame in the video.

Imagine you have a pencil with 2 cotton reels on each end. When going in a straight line both cotton reels rotate at the same speed. But when on a curve the reel on the outside needs to rotate faster than the inner reel otherwise it will just be slipping over the surface and not gripping.

The LSD in a car sends the driven power proportionally to the wheels with more going to the wheel that needs to rotate a greater distance. The drawback of having a Slip Diff fitted is that when one wheel has no grip and spins all of the power goes to this wheel. It is something you'll notice if you have one wheel in snow or mud and the other on a grippy surface leaving you effectively stuck. On a fast road you can get a sharper turning circle and put down more power if you modrate the rate of power going to each wheel. An LSD is exactly that and is usually specified as a ratio. For drifting you need a locking diff which encourages the back to slide over the road.

On a track or road the LSD will make a big difference to lap times and cornering speeds especially in low grip conditions like wet roads or when you are really hammering the engine. In a road test the Megane Sport beat loads of other hot hatches pretty much because it has a LSD fitted.

Audi provide a semi locking diff which gives the best of both worlds in pretty much all driving conditions.
, Wayne i spent ages trying to find the easy way of way and how the diffs work , two cotton reels and a pencil! fantastic idea!!!

You dont actually need a turbo to have flamer kits, you can run an injector into the exhaust with a spark plug, not something i would do but done it for someone before,

You also gets flames out the back of these cars and WRC cars as well with something called ANTI-LAG, This i feel is quite long winded to explain but basic are you spin the turbo up by injecting fuel and igniting it in the turbo to keep it spinning, this gets round the LAG problem that alot of big turbo cars have,

With all the items you have listed to do you would get a substainal increase in power but also a substanial hole in your wallet, why not try and find a cossie lump? I have a couple i can get hold of or a 3.5 V8 twin turbo cossie that was fitted to a MK2 Escort

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