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need help with my evo8 fq300

Discussion in 'Lancer EVO forums' started by ashevo, 24 July 2010.

  1. ashevo

    ashevo Newbie

    evo 8 fq300
    hi everyone i have a evo8 fq300 that i want to tune up i eventuly want to get to between 450-500bhp but at the moment i have around £1500-£2000 to spend. at the monent all the car has on it is a decat pipe and uprated feul pump making 308 bhp. im thinking remap and turbo back exhaust system blitz nur spec. and an induction kit but dont really know which one to choose and i have been told i could loose power fitting it as it gets so hot under the bonnet. i allso want a dump valve (mainly for the noise) but have bin told they can allso make performace worse on evos. any sugestions or advice on parts ive mention or havent but would help performce would be great
  2. turbonutter69

    turbonutter69 TC ModFather Moderator

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    Welcome mate.
  3. pgarner

    pgarner TC ModFather Moderator

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    welcome mate.

    if the evos using a recirc dump valve rather than an atmospheric one then performance will be touched slightly if you try to run atmos as it will run slightly rich when the throttle is opened back up.

    not sure you will see over 400 with the standard turbo
  4. obi_waynne

    obi_waynne Administrator Staff Member Moderator

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    I would invest the money in an Autronics boost controller, a remap will need to be redone each time you add new parts wheras the Autronics will make a big difference and can be adjusted depending on your other mods.

    Induction kits work best when they are boxed off from the engine bay, preferably near to a bonnet vent. Unvented induction kits start sucking in cold air after a couple of miles of driving which is generally enough to clear the hot air out of the engine bay.

    Start researching larger turbos if you want bigger power, keep an eye out for the FQ400 turbo or alternative Garret units in breakers yards etc...

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