Need help on what i can do to my car.


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Grantham - England
306 1.9 td
Ok the car is a 1998 1.9 turbo diesel 306.
just wondering what i could do to gain some more bhp
Air filter - Induction kit - sports exhaust are a few i can think of any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
There are a few guys on Here who will be able to help you that have experience with these engines.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum mate!

I am currently learning and working on a project my self, but as of yet I still need to pass my driving test. I know a thing or two about the tuning and what's what.

Jarrus is our resident derv head, anything you want to know about IDI engines he knows. He should be along very shortly.

Induction kit will actually have no benefit at all with our engines, best to do would be buy a replacement filter that goes in the current airbox, as it is a good design. That will see you better.

A full decat exhaust system will remove the restrictions of the silencer and dreadful cat, this will also help with turbo spool too, add that to your list.

What you will need to find out are:

-What fuel pump your running.

- What turbo your running.

To determine the turbo, get underneath the car, behind the engine and with a light, you should see the turbo. If it has an acutator arm that means its a Garrett t2, if it has a black hub sort of thing, its a KKK.

Next thing would be, before any tuning of the fuel pump, or turbo would be too install a boost gauge.
All I can say is.... You are going to buy one of the best cars around. Out of curiosity.... Is a 3dr or 5dr and what colour?
All I can say is.... You are going to buy one of the best cars around. Out of curiosity.... Is a 3dr or 5dr and what colour?
I know this car is reasonably decent as my dad has owned it since it was new he now wants a different car which means im getting the 306 once i can afford to insure it, its a 5 dr diablo red 306.
Just looking at what i could do to the car once i get it.
Have message a few different tuning companies and they said they could tweak the fuel pump,put a hdi gear box, camshafts and a few other bits that will take the bhp to about 135.
We do have a member on here called Jarrus who is extremely knowledgeable with Pug engines, hopefully he will see this thread and offer you some good advice.

PG's advice about the diesel pump tweak is a good one and should not cost you too much to do.

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