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Im not sure which subforum is more approprate here as im not too sure on the cause of my problem.

When i steer to the left at all (even a slow lane change) at any speed over about 35-40mph I get a fairly loud buzz/hum that sounds a little like the vibrate funtion on some mobile phones but a little lower and low pitch.
On prolonged corners where the car leans it does become slighly louder
When i straighten up the sound goes away, it does not occur when i steer to the right. when turning left at low speeds the sound does not occurr.
The sound seems to be coming from my front driver side wheel or that area.
I have checked power steering fluid levels, easy to access parts of the power steering and found no leaks/seepage. I have had the wheel off and checked for rubs, loose components and play in the bearings and cv joint with no obvious problem. (i also checked the opposite side just in case). There is no noticeable difference in the performance of either the steering or the car in general.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the problem before i take it to a garage and have to start handing over an arm and a leg for a diagnosis?
Thanks in advace!

p.s. i dont know if this helps but the car is a 2005 volvo S40 1.6 diesel, its about midway through the service period. No issues were reported when it was in for mot 3 weeks ago, the problem has developed since then.
Wheel bearing.... i'm pretty sure of it...

either that or the bearing has come lose in the hub. That happened to my mazda. Its worth getting someone who know's what they are doing take a look. You don't want that thing going when your on the motorway.
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Also I've known something similar on certain tyre tread patterns. If you've recently added new tyres and this sound started happening then this could be the culprit.

Jack the car up and see if there is much play in the wheel bearings.
I think Jarrus is right. Could be a wheel baering. Had an old Ford Escort that used to do the same thing. Sounded more like a low rumble / grinding noise. Changed the wheel cylinders / bearings, and it was fine after that.
No play in the bearings at all or anywhere in the suspension, its going to be checked by a mechanic in a week or two, its going in as a favour for fixing a laptop.
On the other hand i found i had a leak in my washer system which at speed could well have been dripping washer fluid in the area in question, ive fixed the leak and there is already a noticeable decrese in the noise, though i will update back after i have it checked properly.
think you have misread, the noise is when I turn the car, the car is not turning itself.
The washer fluid was leaking into the wheel arch so may have been soaking the bearing, i daresay the additives in the fluid may not have done the bearing or any lubricants there much good, but thats only a possibility, hopfeully know for sure soon when the mechanic gets over to have a look

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