Need expert help to restore my Maruti 800


Maruti 800 Mpfi
hi experts,I currently own (used) Maruti 800 MPFI 2003 Non-AC Model for four years now. Now as our car use is very less and frequent We dont want to invest 5-6L kind of money in new car for now.So I just want to upgrade my maruti 800 so that I can have comfort and peace of mind for atleast next 5 years.
Info of my Maruti 800:-
It runs very well on Petrol and LPG(lavota kit) on both, odometer shows 96000km , till date no major repair has done to any part of engine.Engine is in good condition(I mean it runs good and sometimes I drive more than 150km run in one go still no problem like engine jam or overheating,etc,what can you expect from 14 years old engine).
Now I want to make some modification in it to enhance its performance,suspension etc.So please suggest me some good points to do with engine,tyres,suspension,etc.I am not talking about making it like sport car and so But I want to make it like original one and little bit smooth ride,which we can do with the help of some minor upgrades or changes.
for example I read that FFE and K&N filters can enhance some performance of engine? If I upgrade my tyre size to 145/80 R12 it will give smooth ride ? so this kind of upgrades I am talking about which will not cost fortune.basically I want little more comfort for next five years that's it.
Pls give some point wise(with brands/type) suggestions so that I can ask same to mechanic also please suggest any good workshop in Pune which can do this kind of job.
Hi and welcome to TC forums.
Wouldn't bother with changing filters on a 3 cylinder 37hp engine, you won't gain anything acceptable more noise. Although Suzuki engines are great little units I'm at a loss what can be done to this one.
Hopefully someone will be able to point you in right direction. Keep us informed how you get on
Greetings Mak2989 and welcome to our TorqueCars forum :)

At a bit of a loss as to what to suggest for your car also :(
We do have some marvellous people on here though; hopefully an answer will be coming your way very soon, good luck ;)
thanks guys,Basically I want to extend its life for another five years and for that I want to do something to engine for better peace of mind.So that's what I am asking what should I do,half engine overhaul,engine reboring etc?What will help exactly as value for money option?
hi experts,where are you all ? no answer to my querry

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend here in the UK, the sun is out (Rare over here) which means 3 days of rest & relaxation, fun or whatever you fancy doing. Someone will be along soon no doubt buddy, but I will offer you my advice in the meantime.

You say it is used infrequently - so why spend money on it? You want to modify the suspension yet you want a smooth ride, have a look at Koni FSD dampers for your car model as this may give you the best of both worlds. As to the performance side of the engine, I would just replace your air filter with a performance direct replacement version for your car. For the engine that you have, adding a big cone filter will be a waste of time and will generate noise only - which some people like. In certain instances and depending on where you fit a cone filter, it can actually remove power from your engine. You could look at tyres with slightly more width and a softer compound rubber "BUT" if you do not keep the tyres properly inflated then this will alter your ride quality, also you will need to be careful of kerbing the wheels as the sidewalls on these tyres will invariably be softer and more prone to damage, especially if your the type who likes to hug the kerb when he parks the car.

I would just keep the car regularly serviced and do the modifications that I have suggested.

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