Need an economical car that is fun


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What would you recommend to someone who needs to buy a fun car that is also economical and practical?

It must have 4 doors, return a combined fuel economy of at least 44mpg and be fun to drive!

What can you think of that fits this criteria?
MY personal pref: Audi A4DTi re-map or a Rover 75 DTi re-map ,,both give exelant mpg & as safe as houses, reliable cheap parts,, only draw back with the Audi is the screen blower, i wrote mine off in the pitch black, no street lights & only doing 25 mph 'cos in 2 secs the screen misted up & they dont have switches, its touch control, u have to keep pressing the button to get max blow & its not easy to hit the button that quick,,,but the Rover giver great power, very comffy ride & a good range of models, check the specs,,,, i just got an MG zs dti,,54mph,,no joke,,& i use the loud pedal,,frequently,,,thats why i say Rover/MG,,,BETTER THAN U THINK & NOT AN OLD MANS CAR BY ANY MEANS... hope that helps mate. TTFN
OK guys .. the 330d beamer is too juicy,,,,Octavias usualy EX taxi's, ,Leon ok but only 45mpg & heavy on ins:, Golf,well not a lot u can say rearly, cheap n chearful & a bit basic, but ok, the bigger VW's would be ok if low milage & full service history...but for econ: you've gotta go DTi,,,no question..

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