Need advise on tuning a VW Bora 1.9 TDi (150 bhp)


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Hey can anyone please help me out, I have brought a VW Bora TDi sport (150 bhp) on a 53 reg or 2004, the car is quite quick but thought it would be more fun with a few mods, it already has JOM colilovers so i was looking at uprating the engine, so which are the best upgrades for this car and on the remapping side of things, what is best a remap or one of these remapping modules which just plug in?

any help would be great or hasd anyone on this site moded an vw bora/golf mk 4 before?

and i think im right in say it the same 1.9 tdi lump which is in the mk4 golf
thanks hdi would you recommend anyone as iv seen so many different companys offering a remapping service but everyone seems to quote very different gains!!!!
I have had good results with Celtic Tuning - they turned my 406 2.2 HDi (which was pretty lively anyway) into a lusty saloon with fabulous in gear acceleration (30-50 in third gear took about 3 seconds at worst for example).

I also found that the already smooth engine was silkier still after their attention.

A good remap is very very worthwhile. Please give tuning boxes a wide berth.

I do think Celtic are a bit 'generous' with their claimed power and torque gains (on paper) but the driveability is superb after the work is done.

I am a fussy driver of the first order and I was more than impressed with the results
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Howdo. Standard clutch is only rated to 300lbft so keep it under or get an uprated one. I mapped my 130 to 170bhp and 290lbft. More mpg on cruise too. I had jom springs and shocjs fitted, nit coilovers but the springsxfud nit last long.
Ah. Bloke on ukmkivs forum who was an audi mechanic in the day and a backhand remapper at night. Forget his name, I can try and find some emails tomorrow.
^^^ I see you are quite a distance away in Poole from Yugguy, so I presume that long distance travel is not a problem for you then buddy. If so then that is good, I have never let the mileage covered put me off if the right company can be found to do the job required ;)
My chap was in hemel. To be honest the pd engine is so common loads of places can do it. Just find a local superchips dealer. Definitely do it tho. More power when you need ut and better mpg on cruise.
Can anyone give me a straight answer on the pros and cons on a de cat as in what hp could I gain from s de cat,?

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