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Hi all,
I'm new to the site and this is my first post. I've just bought a golf 1.8T 20V. I want to upgrade but don't want to go to mad on it. What do you suggest? Was thinking of upgrading the cams, what are the best type to go for? I was also wanting to chip and remap it. I would be grateful for any advice and tips, thanks.
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hey and welcome to the site.

1st job should be a map
what age is the golf ? engine code ? if its the earlier <2000 (might be 01 will check) then it will have the older K03 turbo this is very restrictive and will map to around 190

later models came with the K03s although they still ran 150bhp standard they have better flow rates and can handle more boost. these will map to ~210bhp.

next up would probably me the G60 VR6 clutch flywheel combination as the DMF is prone to faluire when the clutch starts slipping
if its a later 6 speed box they are slightly stronger

if its pre 03 (it will have a 5 speed box) then look to getting the brakes upgraded to the later model and V6 varients. all you need is the calliper carriers - from post 03 golfs, boras, seat leon, skoda octavia vrs, audi TT - and the 312mm discs much better braking.

get some decent tyres on the car and look towards a rear anti roll bar to sort out the handling, a drop of around 40mm will help out alot unless your going for looks

the standard airbox isnt to bad but benifits from smoothing and fitting a larger intake snorkel.

the standard intake pipe is prone to collapsing under boost.
the standard diverter valve is prone to splitting - best advise is swap it for a forge 007p

this is some quick info if you want some more than just ask
Hi rygs. Welcome to the site. I picked up some info today about the 1.8 20v VAG engine. It occured to me to check it out as I used to have an Audi A6 at one point for about 3 months. A good cost effective way of gettin it up to 225bhp it use a few parts from the Audi TT225. I'm sure the VAG peeps on here will confirm and fill us in on what parts are needed. But after reading a few forums, this seems to be a good start for some.
you require however. maf, intake pipe, turbo k04-023, piperork, better intercooler, intake manifold, injectors fuel rail

another option is to kit a k04-001 which is a hybrid but fits in place of the standard turbo. it utilises the larger K03s turbo and fits the appropriate wheels to take it us to, normally audi RS6, internals. downsides are it is still a smaller housing so flow isnt as good as the real K04 and realistically they are only good for just under 300bhp. after this your starting to run the issue of damage. really fitting a real turbo GT28 in place

older engines runing the 03 - injectors are good for around 205-210 bhp before they are maxing out
newer engines running 03s - injectors good for around 235-240
alright lads,
its a s reg 1999 model. not sure on the engine code.
ok thanks for that, will look at the k03s turbo, is that a straight swap?

i have a standard exhaust, is that a problem?

have fitted a universal cone filter, have i done the rite thing?

will look at upgrading the brakes to a later model and the g60 vr6 clutch flywheel combo.

what do we think of changing the cams?

the last thing i want to do is upgrade and break something else.

as you can tell i dont really know much about motors, any idea on cost of these upgrades?
i take it i could take it to a garage and just ask for these mods to be done?
last thing i want is to get ripped off.

cheers lads thanks for the advice.
think 99 will be a ARZ engine take the engine cover off and its on a little plaque beside the timing belt cover. will be a k03 turbo
yes the 03s is a direct swap but uses the lager compressor wheel. in short its a halfway between the 03 and 04

the cone filter doesnt really matter as long as there is a good air supply to it.
wouldnt bother changing the cams unless your looking for massive gains.

just watch as the engine is now over 10 year old so reliability could be starting to get compromised.

costs - k03s turbos normally go for around £2-300 on ebay from breaking cars. DONT TOUCH THE CHEAP NEW ONES these are far east copies and very veiw seem to have lasted more than a month with those who have got them.
remember you will need a remap after fitting to get the best from it. or if already mapped it will need tweeked

brake uprade - your looking at around £150 for the 312mm discs. pads (as long as you dont go to VW as they want £85 acording to my ETKA for a front set alone ) are around £40-60 for semi decent sets
carrier can be gotten from ebay or breakers for around £70

the fly clutch is around £230 iirc - it doesnt fit mine, my upgrade to a SMF and clutch is closer to £1k :(

intake pipe is around £70-100 depending on make
forge 007p is around £80
rear anti roll bar around £150

as for taking it to a garage, the turbo is probably the only mod there that will cause issue with bolts being hard to free and limited space.

brakes, PH3 screwdriver for the disc. 18mm spanner and 7mm allen key for the carrier. litteraly is around an hour max even if you dont know what your doing. give longer if your changing the pads.

the diverter valve is a 5 min job. remove engine cover. cut off the clips that hold the oem one in place pull out new jubille clips on and fit the new valve.

try and find a vag specialist that knows what theyre doing with the 1.8t engines
not really no. its a worthwhile upgrade but as your front brakes do most of the work i dont really see the point. if you want you will need the 256mm rears but you will need these from a FWD. if they are from a 4motion (quatrro on the A3 TT) then they require a spacer to sit right
there is some talk about the Mk4 rear doing alot of the slower braking but not sure how that works.

just for info im running 911 brakes up front and still using my standard rears which are 256mm

good luck with the sale

sorry i did forget to mention something about the 312mm setup is that you will need 16" wheels to clear them
hay just a update,
im going to up grade the brakes and lower it. not going to bother with getting a k03s turbo, cant justify spending that sort of money for 20hp. if i get 190hp with a chip and remap then im happy with that. whats your thoughts?
:lol: It's always nice to have the reassurance. As long as we are not talking about an ebay resistor chip then it is a sound proposition. You can always do the KO3s later on, keep your eyes out you may pick up a bargain one but as you are no longer in a rush your chances are much better. The only downside is that you will probably need to remap it again.
chances are you will need to do the K03s at some point mate as the K03 is very restrictive (not that the 03s is much better) and seem to be prone to cracking on the exhaust housing

a very good mod to do is get a boost guage this will allow you to see when your having boost leaks - with the age of the car there is probably more than a few pipes starting to get passed their best
chip and remap is the same thing done in different ways
chipping is removing the fuel map chip and fitting a new one
remap is updating the fuel map through the diagnostic port.

remaps - looks towards revo, custom code, apr, r-tech who are all VAG tuners
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