Need advice on FTO problem




I have had my 1994 FTO V6 Mivec for around a year now, a few months ago I noticed the engine over heating (white spots on the engine) so I took it to Mitsubishi to get it checked out and they said they suspected a cracked head gasket but couldn't be sure unless they took the engine out. I could not afford the labour so I left it with the intention of scrapping it when the MOT ran out.
In this time there has been a really bad oil leak that has got worse and worse, so that after driving I could see oil splashed up the wheel arch. I stopped driving it of course but now it's come to scrapping it or getting it fixed.
It drives absolutely fine and looks really nice look so ideally I would love to get it fixed rather than scrap it. I just wanted to find out if any one knew how much this would cost to get fixed, what the exact problem is or if anyone else has had a similar problem?

Thank you!
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