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Hi guys! long time no see!!!

I´ve been lurking around but not posting much, had far too much to do these couple of months to post anything.

In November I made a long time dream of mine come true... I went to the UK! Manchester - Birmingham - Manchester. Had a blast and completely fell in love with the country and the people! Learned a lot aswell, stay away from the larger gas stations for one, worst service EVER!

But I have to share this with you, the picture album from the Show, the show was great, far too many cars to photograph them all and far too many people at the show to get descent photos. I went to the show totally unprepared camera wise, I took my brand new Canon SX50 with me but the pictures came out really shaky and the colors were wrong! but I managed to save 185 photos from the show so not all bad.

My favorite from the show was the Texaco Truck and all the cars I had never seen before, so basically all of them :lol:

Here is one photo then you can scoot over to my FB page where the rest of the photos are if you'd like :)


Feel free to like my page aswell, will be taking lots of photos this summer, more nature stuff though as I'm feeling bored by the cars in Iceland, always the same ones over and over again.

Much better place for a car guy the UK is, beeing overtaken by a Lamborghini on the motorway or seeing the P1 along with a 12C In manchester twice!

I also donated 120 GBP to the Sporting Bears to get a dream ride in a McLaren MP4-12C and it was AWESOME!!! and needless to say the MP4-12C is my new dream car! :D

I have more stories about my trip but I don't want to bore you...

Thanks for looking, I'll be posting more from now on lads :)
I am glad you had a great time buddy, feel free to post your other stories as I am sure you won't bore us in the slightest ;)
Welcome back buddy, nice to hear from you again! Glad you're keeping busy and still a real petrolhead!
Thanks guys, maybe I'll post the stories in a seperate thread in the general forum, not really car related.

I´ve been busy working Waynne, until now that is, suddenly everything kind of stopped and made me think about moving to Britain if I'll be able to scrape together the money I need so I can travel the country and find a job :)

Real petrolhead I don't know about that, my new dream car is the McLaren but the car I want to buy is a Skoda Yeti, much more sensible and nice to drive, but I still love and will always love the insane cars :)

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