NCB how many years do i have?


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I insure my car every August.
In my first year with my car insurance company I had a claim the following February.
Its now april and I'm looking at changing insurance companies.
Because I haven't had an accident in over 2 years does this mean I have 2 yrs NCB or do I have to wait till Augsut before I get my 2nd year?
if this is the case what happens if I change policy in the next couple of weeks do I effectively lose all the 14months with no claims on top of my 1yr.
hope someone can help.
otherwise I will have to call my insurance but last time I did they wanted a form filled out and sent as opposed to a phone call
Hi Rob
If you started insurance for the first time in August 2014 then you won't have any NCB now or in August 2015 due to the claim in February 2015 which would have lost you your NCB.
I started my insurance in Aug 2012 had my first/only claim in feb 2013.
As its now Apr 2015 does that mean I have 2yrs?
if not does this mean I only get 2 years when it gets back to august 2015? so what happens if I change in the next few weeks do I lose the rest I've earnt?
You will have 1 year NCB as of now according to that. If you stay with your present insurers till Aug 2015, you will have 2 years NCB but if you change now then you will have only 1 year NCB to transfer, according to what you say above.
sorry for the persistence just it's a tad annoying have to reschedule my work to get done for another 3 months. thanks for the help though
You only build up no claims bonus for every full year of insurance (inception to renewal or renewal to renewal) you've had claim free. Any claim will forfiet the current years NCB building up and set you back 2 years.

The nasty thing is having an accident in your third year, this will put you back to zero! You'd lose the current year and be docked 2 years no claims bonus!
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