MZR 2.0 vvt camshaft options


Mx5 2.0 vvt
I have a new modified bottom end. K1 rods; wiseco pistons fully balanced and held together with ARP bolts/studs.
The pistons have deep valve pockets - not sure how deep as standard.
Looking for a camshaft set incorporating vvt mechanism. ITBs are a likely addition. Car will be used for daily driving as well as spirited driving.
After reviews of off the shelf camshaft grinds eg vvt70 KC. Do not want to get engine apart again so any experience of maxing out valve lift with 11:5 wiseco pistons appreciated
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Adding ITBs (Individual Throttle Bodies) will definitely enhance throttle response and overall performance you can put the power band where you need it to be and I'm guessing your after low end torque. Combining them with the right camshaft can give you that sweet spot for both daily driving and those spirited runs.

When it comes to maximizing valve lift with 11.5:1 Wiseco pistons, you want to ensure you don't run into clearance issues. Here are a few things to consider but I can only give very generic advice here, you need to get your local mechanic to check the car over:

  1. Valve Lift and Duration: Higher lift camshafts can improve performance, but you'll need to ensure the duration isn't too aggressive for daily driving. The VVT70 KC camshafts provide a good balance here.
  2. Piston-to-Valve Clearance: Since your Wiseco pistons have deep valve pockets, they should accommodate higher lift cams, but it's crucial to measure the exact clearance to avoid any issues. Typically, with 11.5:1 compression and deep valve pockets, you should generally be able to handle cam lifts up to around 12mm. However, precise measurements are essential so don't go with my gut, get it properly checked, if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Spring choice is also important here to avoid float issues.

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